March 29, 2013

Did anyone think that the stand-up cut-outs that Wil posted to his blog for Tabletop Day kind of looked like King of Tokyo monsters? I did, so last night I made these. :)

I scaled the images down to about 3.75 inches tall, printed front and back versions and glued them to some 4-ply mat board and got WHEEEEATON! and Day of Destruction ready to bring ruin to the city of Tokyo. They fit very well into the plastic stands. They needed some monster boards so a couple hours later… :) This morning I printed everything out and assembled the boards. Right now the number disks are just held on with thumb tacks so I’m going to need to find something more permanent.

Update: I have rearranged the printable files to hopefully be a little easier to assemble the standup figures. I’ve left the old versions below the new in case they aren’t. :)

If anyone wants to print their own copies, I uploaded a pdf to my Google drive account here. NEW VERSION:

Old version:

I also put the full size pages as jpegs in this post but I’m not sure if my settings will allow them to be downloaded so they are also available on imgur here:


Old versions:

Here are the blog posts on

Lil’ Wil

and Lil’ Felicia

Drawn by Lar Desouza and released under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike 3.0 license.

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